Hoboken Living Space

Location HOBOKEN, NJ Photographer IN HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHER Creating this cozy yet chic living space was nothing short of a fabulous time. We brought in an eclectic aesthetic with the juxtaposition of unique textures and patterns and contemporary finishes.  The goal was to create a casual space fit for a family to curl up and watch […]

Park Avenue Bathroom

Location HOBOKEN, NJ Photographer ALISSA LAURIE LLC Designing this bathroom was a wonderful time. We were able to use color, texture, and various finishes, while creating a cohesively designed space.  The client wanted to update her previously dated bathroom, while keeping some of the Hoboken charm of this railroad apartment. Through the use of tile […]

Hoboken Residential Bar

Location HOBOKEN, NJ Photographer ALISSA LAURIE LLC We began this project with just an empty basement. Being able to create this home bar from scratch and deliver this stunning space to our client exceeded everyone’s expectations. This client gave us their trust to elevate this space to the next level. We did so through the […]