Glen Rock Home



Glen Rock Home

There’s nothing more gratifying than creating a warm, loving home for our clients to enjoy with their families. This project gave us that opportunity, and more. While maintaining most of the layout of the kitchen, we revamped the space with brighter colors, warm textures and patterns, and luxurious materials. On the other hand, we did away with a pantry that was no longer of service to the family, and gave them a banquette perfect for gathering, working from home, and more.

In this beautiful house, we used many colors juxtaposed with creative patterns that spoke to the eclectic bohemian-modern style that the client absolutely loved. Managing this job and all of the subcontractors- painters, stone fabricator, craftsmen, upholsterer, installers and more, was beyond rewarding. Our team showed true dedication and attention to detail through to the end of this project.

Completion Date: August 2019
Layout: Kitchen, Family Room, Dining Room, Living Room